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    Hello ,
    Perhaps mis-posted earlier relating to SD cards. I am looking for a Root for my SCH-S738c tracfone galaxy centura all choices seem to point to Odin which is windows based. I run Slackware -Linux. Looking for a root kit in this area. Jodin is java based , I do not want to put java on ,may have to though> I have seen F.O.S.S. which is a catalogue of open source options
    However.. I am looking for a root kit for my android ice cream sandwich 4.0.4.
    Dreams of a SlackFone keep me driven F.O.S.S is in store after I get things rolling.. have a micro 8GB on phone along with the internal SD.
    Any other options besides windows driven backup ? being Linux based i thought android would be an option.
    Thanks, Slacker-Tuxd

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    Real nice site even though I don't surf the net with my Android and always using Linux Mint for that since the screen on the Android is hard to read. I will pass the site along to some friend that do use their Androids
    a lot and on the internet. Thanks for the site!

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    Thanks jeremy for Androidquesstions next to linux one.

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    Hi , everbody , nice to meet you!

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    Thanks to welcome

    I hope to find the answers you seek on your android devices

    Thank you

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    Hi , nice to meet you

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    xiaomi redmi 3
    The problem is formatting is not too good on the pages. I can read the posts ok and most of the top and side panel menu selections.. however on the top of the pages.

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