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    Question Application ask to download from site? [Solved]

    Hi All,

    Am experiencing something funny: sometime ago have been installing the application "MediaClip" from Google Play, today have been opening it and ask to get the new version from the site. What is strange is that the application disappeared from Google Play (shows new one called "MediaClip PRO" but I don't know if comes from the same developer, even the icon is different).
    I should like to know if is safe to download from the site as they ask or better to avoid and even better to uninstall the application from the phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 2).

    Thank you for your kind attention

    Ok, I did myself clicking comes out the option to choose "Play Store" so nothing weird.
    Anyway, I suggest don't use that application, we have different options on "Play Store" but no one works 100% in my experience.
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