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    permanently delete videos?

    Hi, I am on my S3 a lot and downloaded tons of videos bcz the 6000 mah extended battery I got from mpj does double my battery life. But I think my phone almost full now, so how can i permanently delete videos on the S3?? Thanks in advance.

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    You can easily Delete your videos from your S3. Actually, Deleting something is as easy as drinking a glass of water. At first go to your Gallery then select all the videos that you want to delete. And finally hit Delete. That's it, no big deal.

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    Connect your device to computer and select the particular folder and just hit "delete" that's it. You are done!

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    You just need to tap on the video and a different options will be appear. select the delete options to delete the video. Also you can select multiple video at a time to delete them

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