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    Lost Android Contacts Failed to Sync from Gmail Account! What to do?

    I was composing a message and the phone got stuck when I was about to select the recipients. (Wanted to group send message so thatís why I was not answering directly.) After waiting for a while the phone was still not responding then I forced to shut down and turned it on again. Okay I again edited the same text and tap to choose receivers. Good grief! NO CONTACTS! EMPTY! Why? What happened?

    I first tried to sync Gmail contacts back to my Sony Xperia, however when I logged in to Gmail and it was the same! NO CONTACTS!

    Long story short, I finally found Myjad Android Contact Recovery which seems to be useful because I want simply the contacts. So is there anyone tried successfully restoring lost contacts with this program? Any advice? Many thanks!

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    How do you do the syncing? It seems Sony has its own sync software.

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    Could you previously access your android contacts on a computer through gmail? (some ppl accidentally save their contacts locally to their phone-which could be a problem)
    Have you tried going into setting, accounts, and pressing the sync icon?
    You may like this on Recovery-Tool.
    User Guide: How to Use Android Data Recovery

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    Accidentally or Mistakenly deleted contacts on your Android? No need to worry now! MobiKin Doctor for Android, a Data Recovery for Android, enable you recover lost or deleted messages (SMS), contacts, photos and video from an Android phone. how to restore deleted contacts

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    In such situation , you should first stop using any app on the phone , in order to prevent the lost contacts has been covered by new data on the phone memory , as we all know , data on the phone are store in the phone memory or SIM card , even if you accidentally deleted contacts from phone , this does not mean that it is impossible to get them back to the phone , what you need is a recovery tools to solve this problem , which is capable of scanning the phone device and phone memory to recover deleted contacts from android phone for security,

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