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    Accessing Micro SD Card from Ubuntu

    I have inserted a 16Gb Micro SD card into my Medion Lifetab, and can move data from internal SD drive into a new directory on it, using ES file explorer.3 **.

    If I connect my Ubuntu 13.10 laptop with USB cable to micro USB on tablet - I can navigate the internal SD Drive but the external_SD drive is not available/visible. I have tried both nautilus and nemo file managers. Is there a way to access this drive apart from ejecting the card and using a card reader?

    ** If you have just brought a Medion Lifetab E7318 - job number 1 is to upgrade the installed ES file explorer.1

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    I don't know anything about the Medion Lifetab you mention. However, I have had similar troubles with other phones and tablets. In those cases, I had to dance with "Developer Settings" such that they enabled the tablet's SD device to interact with a cable connected workstation.

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    What version of Android is it running, they made a change to storage accessibility in newer versions.

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