Hi there,

I used many different cell phones over the years, and my first phone contact was created over 10yrs ago on a Nokia smart phone, which the contact was in VCF format, the file can import to Thunderbird mail, so that I shared the same contact and keep updating to use on every new phone. The problem is although VCF is a standard format, different made of cell phone added their own tags to it, made it incompatible and messed up when used on other phone. Since I've around 200 detailed contacts, it is better to do the editing on PC, the only way I can do it is with Thunderbird, but it does not export to VCF by default, some add on needed to do it. The most troubling things is contact fields labeling, for example, Asian names are unlike those used in English speaking countries, first name, last name, prefix, sufix...etc., may not displayed the way they should be, what made thing worse is the extended contact added from Whatsapp, Line and other IM, completely messed up the contact when used on PC, I am still finding a way to use the same contact on PC and phone, any comment ?