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    Track chat messages on my daughter's phone?

    I have a daughter, she is 13. She keeps chatting on the phone night and days. How can I make sure that if she is talking to bad friends on bad things?

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    I know that iKeyMonitor mobile spy app ( )works for parental control. However, a good tip is to check their phones after they are asleep. They are kids. If you don't trust them don't give them a phone. You can check their phones during the night, or make a deal saying they can't have his/hers phone unless you have access to being able to see it.

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    It's not very good to be too over-protective as a parent.
    Most of the time, teens don't really conceal anything. They just have their own privacy. How would you feel if someone else checks your every text message and phone call? You should respect your teens' privacy. Monitoring their cell phones might wreck your relationship.

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    At some situations parental control is acceptable!

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    For example, if kids physical or mental health is on stake, parents don't have a choice but to use tracking apps. For example, some apps from this list -

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    These are some useful message tracking apps. I hope you will find them helpful
    mSpy – SMS Tracker
    Mobistealth – Spyware for tracking
    Mobile Spy
    PhoneSheriff – Hidden Call and SMS tracker

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    Sorry to say thins but I won't encourage parents to do this, they should have some privacy as they do have their own life.

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    Right, dont be over proactive with your dhaughter. talk to her, make her your best friend. win a trust, then she will share all her personal details with you

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    Part of growing up is making mistakes. It is difficult to shelter your children from everything harmful all the time, and if they don't learn it from you they will learn it from somewhere. I want my children to be armed with all sides of the knowledge spectrum. I want them to have all the tools necessary to make good choices, or a backup to get out of the bad ones. As much as I would love to protect them and keep them in a glass box, I know it wouldn't be right, and they wouldn't have a chance to grow up. I will ALWAYS be there to help them, though. No matter what.

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    Great article

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