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    Yes. If you are using an android phone it is easier to get your data recovered than iPhone. You just have to keep the backup of the msg or data if the Gmail account itself is not synchronizing automatically. It is not only with samsung but for entire android world of smartphones. If you think this is a time consuming task than you can also search out some apps which may help better. I heard about them but personally never used such apps. As i prefer to keep the backup of my entire data on my laptop.

    Best of luck

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    It happens a lot when people using a Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/S5/A9/A8/A7 get their important phone numbers lost. Yet, the worse thing is that they did not sync the information to their computer or Google account. If your case is so, you need a third-party app to deal with the problem. Some must know that the missing data can be undeleted, if right steps are taken. So, the key point is to find a recovery tool that can do this efficiently. Then, Android contacts recovery is the one you are looking for.

    Android contacts recovery can recover deleted contacts from Samsung phones without a backup file. All the detailsócompany, job title, email address, are included and even recover lost data from Android internal memory. The intuitive interface is easy to handle.

    Note: Stop using your phone to take photos, send emails and do any other things that will create new data in the device. Or your valuable contacts may be overwritten and gone forever.

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    how to recover contacts/messages from samsung?

    I will use RenewAndroid software to restore deleted contacts and messages back if I found there is data loss occur. Hope this will help you!

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    It trouble us a lot if losing contacts from their Galaxy Note 4. Since we have stored many personal and business contact information in our smart phone. And we can’t have them all in mind. What’s more, contacts data are so important that we can’t risk to lose them. But don’t worry so much, we have method for you to recover contacts from Samsung Galaxy Note if you stop any operation to your phone for protecting overwritten.

    This method is using contacts recovery software for Samsung mobile to recover contacts. The software I recommend is Android Data Recovery. This outstanding program will help you to retrieve deleted contacts, photos, music and videos from your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. What ‘s more, this tool also supports Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge/Note 5/Note 4, etc. And other android OS brand devices.

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    Try some Data Recovery tools of android..

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    Why the deleted files can be recovered from Android device, like Samsung? Because the deleted files haven't been wipe out immediately after you do the deletion. However, you need to caution and don't add any files to over-written. And move fast to get a recovery tool, like Android Data Recovery. This tool is powerful to recover the lost data.

    You can see this guide:

    How to Recover Deleted Photos on Samsung Galaxy S5?

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    To get back deleted Samsung phone messages and contacts on the computer, it is really simple for you to try.
    Just follow this steps, and then you can quickly know the way to do.You just quickly understand the way in the following:

    How to recover deleted messages from Samsung
    How to recover deleted contacts from Samsung.

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    I know a program called Samsung Contacts Recovery. It can scan your phone and SD card deeply to find the deleted and lost contacts for you. You can preview them and then get back any of them from your Samsung phone to PC. Besides contacts, it can also recover messages, photos, videos, call logs, whatsapp messages, music, books and other document files from your phone to computer.

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