With a success under its belt with the Chromecast, Google is officially renewing its assault on the living room with Android TV. Running on Android L, Android TV will run on set-top boxes much like the Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku, but with an added focus on gaming.

Today's announcement confirms details gleaned by The Verge this past April. Google TV, launched in 2010 with its apparent ambition to turn your television into a smartphone, is now firmly in the past. Android TV is Google's rekindled vision for your home's largest screen, and it's considerably sleeker and more in line with the competition's offerings. Entertainment is paramount this time around, as the software surfaces content from the Google Play Store and requisite partners like Netflix and Hulu, and provides recommendations based on what you watch. Search is also baked into the experience, using Google's Knowledge Graph to provide contextual information for your favorite programs.
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