Google announced the preview of its latest version of Android today at its I/O developer conference. Google isn't yet ready to give the newest version of Android a name, instead calling it the “L” preview (Google names version of Android in alphabetical order after tasty desserts).

The biggest change for the “L” version of Android will be a completely new design and user interface that Google calls “material design.” The new design allows developers to build apps that will work for every size screen without having to code for individual smartphones and tablets. Animation, typography, color, design components and layout are the featured changes of the “L” preview of Android.

Google’s head of Android engineering Dave Burke showed off some of the new user experience and elements of material design in Android “L” including new material themes and animation capabilities, 3D views with real time shadows, and shared "transition elements" that assist in switching from one app to another.

Here are some other features of Android “L” that you need to know, mostly centered around Design, Performance And 64-Bit.
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