Google said it will adopt Samsung's Knox Security technology, which is used in the enterprise, and incorporate it into Android.

The two companies, strong partners that are sometimes wary of each other, have cuddled up to take on the enterprise. Samsung was the lead in getting Android more enterprise credibility with Knox, but can only do so much by itself. The enterprise market share lead belongs to Apple's iOS with Android trailing. In fact, the enterprise market share is flipped compared to the consumer market.

Why? Security and various versions of Android make it harder to manage. Samsung set out to change that with container technology that separates personal and work personas---an approach Google is building into Android.

More importantly, Google is aligning Android device makers behind the mobile platform's new enterprise features and Knox so "there's one story to tell," said Android and Chrome chief Sundar Pichai.
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It's always good to see Android OEM's pushing things upstream so everyone can benefit.