For the past few months, rumors have suggested that Google will roll out a new program for Android devices known as Android Silver.

Based on what we've read, it seems as if the project will entail a new strategy in selling Android devices.

Although we know little about Silver, a recent interview with a Google executive provides convincing evidence that the effort is, in fact, real.

Dave Burke, Google's head of engineering for Android and the Nexus program, acknowledged Android Silver to ReadWrite's Dan Rowinski in a recent interview. He also discredited a popular rumor regarding Android Silver, which is that it would replace Google's Nexus handsets.

Here's what Burke had to say:

People just get excited by concepts and forget why we do things. Android Silver is not something that we are commenting on right now. People have been commenting about Nexus because there is something else and they think that means the end of Nexus. That is the totally wrong conclusion to make.

So what does this mean for Android fans? It means that with the Silver program, we'll probably see high-end premium phones loaded with clean Android software and better customer support service.

We'll have to wait until Google officially reveals Android Silver to learn more. Some rumors have suggested that it won't arrive until 2015.
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