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    Cool [GAME] Duck Hunter Dodger Doom

    Duck Hunter Dodger Doom is a wonderful game that certainly makes you feel the hunting spirit. The game has many great features.It’s very fast,so you’ll have a choice ofgunsand shoot any duck, it shouldn’t escape!

    The gameplay:
    There’re 3 levels in this game –forest, swamp and wheat field. In the forest there’re 2 types of ducks, that are flying across your screen – white and brown, and you should kill only white. If you kill the brown ones, you won’t get any points. Each level consists of 9 steps and you should gradually pass them all, because if you didn’t win the previous step, you won’t be able to pass on the next one.

    The time is limited, but the quantity of ducks is increasing with each level. In the very first they’re about 10, but then their quantity rises till 25 and even 30, and the time is still very limited! But if you kill more than the set quantity of ducks, you’ll get additional bonuses! So as you see it’s very complicated to pass all levels of this game!

    Features available:

    - forest, swamp and wheat field backgrounds
    - guns shop
    - difficulty levels

    One of the best features of crazy duck shooting game is that you have various guns!But in order to get these guns you should try hard, because they’re given to you only in exchange of earned bonuses! Download this flying duck hunting game and don’t be hungry for ducks.

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    Lovely game I was looking for it from long time..

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    wow looks nice. This remind of the old duck shooting game I had on my console back in 90's.

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    I promise, I will ever miss a single shot of mine.

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