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Thread: [FREE] Flux 2

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    [FREE] Flux 2

    * You can unlock additional content for free during launch weekend: see in the text below! *

    Hi all,

    I'm back with another game!

    We've been working on a new Android-game for the past month, and it's finally finished!
    Flux 2 is the sequel of the successful Flux, a minimalistic and simple, but unique puzzling-game.

    The concept is easy; create a flow from the purple source-block to the purple sink-block.
    You can do this by turning the arrow-blocks.
    Every 90degree-turn will cost you 1 step.
    Try to finish the puzzle with the minimal amount of steps for a 3star-rating (classic mode), or higher points (timetrail/online)!

    This video might give you a better idea of the concept:

    New features that have been added:
    - Multiple sizes
    - Online battles and timetrail mode
    - 625 new levels
    - Better integration with Google Play Games
    - Enhanced accessibility for the color blind
    And much more...

    Launch-weekend promotion!
    You can unlock the 5x5 and 6x6 levelpacks for free during launch weekend.
    Before 27/07/2014 23.59, enter the promocode "iloveflux" ingame! (without the "'s)
    You can do this in 2 ways:
    * settings -> promocode
    * classic mode -> unlock -> promocode

    You can find Flux on Google Play:

    Any suggestion, bug or comment is welcome! Post them in this thread, we will take all replies in account!


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    Quite Interesting Game I am exciting to play it..

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