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    Question Can I transfer data from a Nokia 7230?

    My wife has bought a Samsung Galaxy Ace Style to replace her Nokia 7230 which still works but discharges the battery in less than a day, even switched off.

    Vodafone were able to transfer her contacts but said they could not transfer Calendar data and SMS messages.

    I haven't been able to find any useful info via google. Does anybody know if what I want to do is possible and how to do it?



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    Quote Originally Posted by froidger View Post
    There is a program called MobileTrans, which is capable of transferring contacts, sms, photos and media library from one mobile phone to another, supporting iOS, Android, Symbian and Blackberry. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to transfer things from Nokia to Samsung Galaxy. Hope it helps.
    Thanks for this. I think that the Nokia expired completely shortly after I posted the question. However I shall see if I can resurrect it.

    Would you know, if I try to run this software now, will it destroy data already on the Samsung?

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    You can transfer your SMS from Nokia to PC and then transfer your SMS from PC to Samsung device. This would be the easiest way.

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    Davefai, do let us know that the solution given by Hopesnb worked or not?

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    Ok, to wind this up:

    I managed to get the Nokia up and running again by the simple expedient of letting it alone for a few weeks. This sometimes works, temporarily, and, I think, is due to a capacitor "healing" itself.

    These is a Program called Nokia PC-Suite which is somthing like Samsung Kies in it's current form (v8). I was able to transfer everything except the archived messages. It will not touch these.

    However v7 of this program is able to export the archived messages to a .csv file. However v8 declares the file to be invalid or corrupt. I was able to open it in a spreadsheet. I tried to fix it (comma chaos in the csv file) but that didn't work.

    Note that if you google for transferring the archive off a Nokia you will find that apparently Nokia forgot they had one!

    So the present situation is:

    Calendar and contacts transferred to Microsoft Outlook. Messages except for archives are in Nokia Suite files. Archived messages are in a spreadsheet. Vodafone had also managed to transfer the contacts directly to her new Samsung, but nothing else.

    I have not tried transferring any the the stuff from PC to Samsung as she wants it for archival purposes rather that online.

    Hope this helps somebody else.

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    Well, I am afraid other than contacts I don't think other things are going to work out as nokia symbian devices are like expired from the market a long time ago I would say if the sms are way more important then you keep that device at some safer place or you can send a copy of that message from nokia to the samsung and calenedar I think you have to edit things manually !

    Peter Carlos
    Rapidsoft Technologies

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    Hey there, Please check this following link :-

    I hope this will help you out in transferring your data.

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