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    rooting Samsung Note 3 phone


    I have a task to root all Note 3 phones, (we only use Note 3 phones in office & all of them are under contract from Vodafone), we recently discovered that some of the phones were hijacked & doing some unknown stuff by our IT Audit conducted by KPMG doing our ISO27001 certification (under process).

    Under the Vodafone contract rules we are not allowed to do root.
    Under Android rules we are not allowed to do root.
    Under Samsung warranty rules, we are not allowed to do root.

    In all above three points our warranty will be void, but CEO has agreed to accept cost of warranty & contract to be void if happened. (So thatís not a worry anymore)

    With discussion with KPMG we are allowed to do root our phones & also use custom ROMS & still be ISO27001 certified, as far as we have restrictions in place.

    They have also advised us we can use standard Android firewall if enabled by default any app that tries to connect to internet / LAN will be blocked if specifically allowed to do so. So any application if installed in background without user notice will not function, problem with that is that app will only work if phone is root.

    I am reading various forums, such as android police etc. & other forums, different suggestions, but no clear-cut article as what & how to do it, what will be the impact what I will lose (except above three points), what I will gain, possibilities & limitations etc. & a defined step by step process, I came across an article to root google phone very straight forward & few clicks process. But Note 3 seems to be very complicated process & I have to root something like 300+ phones & spending half an hour per phone seems to be a long way to go.

    I request guidance on following.
    - Phone I want to root is Samsung Note 3
    - How to root Note 3
    - If I have to un-root it back to Samsung default, how to do it
    - What are my options for installing cyanogen mod, any better option available then cyanogen mod, can firewall app work in cyanogen mod
    - If I install cyanogen mod, how to un-root it back to Samsung factory default.

    Your help & advice will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    rooting Samsung Note 3 phone

    use,framaroot apps FOr rooting.

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    Coolmuster could tell you why and how to root your phone:

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    Is any benefits of rooting Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

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    Well, for rooting your device you can use CFAuto Root or VRoot to root your device or what you can do is to head over to the post located over here which I am pretty much sure it can help you in guiding you with the step to root your device "" See if this helps you !

    Peter Carlos
    Rapidsoft Technologies

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    Android SMS Messages Software can help root andorid mobile phone.

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    Hmmm, I really don't have any experiences with rooting Note 3 since it seems like there's no existing rooting process for that (im not sure though) hmm, you can surf XDA forum also if you need more information about rooting.

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    Why you people try to root a device, I do know there are lots of benefits but this will surely spoil your handset in future. I personally suggest, do a brief study before rooting a device.

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