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    Microsoft Might Be About To Make A Giant Move Into Android Phone Software

    Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has met with the founders of open source Android software company Cyanogen, The Information reports, citing a source who had been briefed by Microsoft.

    Cyanogen is the company behind the somewhat popular CyanogenMod software for Android phones. The open-source modification replaces the Android operating system with a range of extra features and customization options.

    At the moment, this type of operating system is of primary interest to geeks interested in open-source adventurism.

    However, if the Cyanogen operating system is better than Android and if it came preloaded on a decent phone it might take off. Every single Android app works on Cyanogen, so Cyanogen users can get the best of both open-source worlds.

    In other words, where Android is "open source," Cyanogen is "even more open source-ier." It is thus a confusing beast: Cyanogen is both a threat and an addition to Google's Android ecosystem.

    Microsoft would be a curious parent for a software company with its entire product embedded in the Android operating system. In July, Microsoft announced it would end its production of Nokia X phones, which ran a customized version of Android. The presence of Android in Microsoft's smartphone range was described by a source as "embarrassing."

    However, Microsoft has a number of patents used in Android and earns about $2 billion in revenue from them every year so Microsoft does have a financial interest in a healthy Android ecosystem even if it doesn't want to make the phones itself.

    Amazon, Yahoo and Samsung present a more obvious destination for Cyanogen.
    More at Silicon Alley Insider...

    Seems unlikely, but what are your thoughts?


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    Would definitely be an odd mix it it comes to fruition.

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