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    Remove google search female TTS voice

    Got a used Galaxy S3 SGHT999. Can't get rid of the Female voice on Google search results.

    Previous devices were a T-Mobile G2 (DesireZ) and then a Nexus 4. Both had all TTS working as UK English male.

    TTS engine is WIlliam from Cereproc, Ringtones are made by VoiceNotify app that reads out notifications with the app name and a short message. TTS voice worked fine in Google navigation, and I used to use Assistant by SpeakToIt Previously worked great on the Nexus.

    On the S3, I cannot get rid of the female voice on Google Search results. Depending on what I ask, it randomly answers in a British female, or a US female.

    I have changed the system language to UK english (Language Enabler app). In Language /Speech/Voice search settings I have deleted all other languages except UK english. Cereproc/William (UK English) is Default TTS engine and Samsung TTS is disabled in Language settings.
    Any ideas?
    Is this just Google being Google?
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