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    Raspberry Pi

    Is there a port or implementation of the android operating system that I can use to install on my raspberry pi. I have been looking everywhere and there are some projects out there but the source is either not going to compile on my pi or the archives containing the sources have long been abandoned and I'm not able to download them anymore. Can someone show me some ways in which I would go about installing android on my Pi.

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    Might want to keep your eye on this forum here. I've had pretty good luck with XDA forums and Android ROMs.

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    I think there are so many current bugs and features that I'd question the sanity of putting android os on anything that had an os available, but especially when raspbian a *nix os exists for the hardware

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    You can use windows system to install android on your Raspberry Pi, connect your Raspberry Pi to windows PC and install it from the installation folder

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