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    Walking/Step Counter App

    I had an app that I dearly loved for several months on my Samsung Galaxy S4 that simply disappeared with no warning. I don't recall the exact name of it but it counted the steps you took in a day and automatically reset itself to zero – I suppose every night at 12 midnight, then started counting for the new day. Besides merely counting steps, it measured distance in miles. I sometimes wondered how accurate this was but never took time to verify it by retracing the route in an automobile and checking the odometer as it wasn't really all that important. An added benefit was that it appeared to run in the background and was very easy on the battery. Except for maybe the first use, I never had to actually [start] the application that I can recall.

    Again, I did not uninstall or delete it, it is just no longer on the phone. There was no warning or explanation. I suspect it is discontinued as I can't find it in the Play store. I tried several other similar apps but they couldn’t even compare to the one I had.

    I know this isn't a lot to go on, but can anybody help? Or do you know what the best alternate app might be?

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    Hi buddy,
    I have a similar app that you have mentioned here. The name of the app is SpidFit Walknation. This app is designed by mobile application development company new york and is available free. It not just tracks your walk for the day but also awards you based on the points you achieve. You can also compete with your friends and brag about your achievements on social media. It is a really great app that lets you have fun while staying fit.

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    Which app is good for my phone, i have samsung galaxy s6??

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