Some of you may have seen quoted specs on this phone and wondered about it.

The specs are correct. It is an octacore 1.7GHz phone with 1Gig RAM and 5.5inch 1280x720 screen with quad core graphics. AnTuTu 5 gives me 31259

The phone looks fabulous and the screen quality is great. Be careful not to scratch the screen - I managed a scrape on mine ;-(

First couple of charges the battery life is not good but it does improve. (Depends how much wifi / data etc. you are using).

The phone makes a great e-book reader using Aldiko.

Of course, the carriers don't know about it yet so you can't get settings automatically (at least not from Virgin). It works with 3G in UK. For some very weird reason the phone keeps thinking that I'm roaming when at home (roaming is off on my account). However, on a trip to London recently it stopped thinking that and connected properly. The 3G worked flawlessly and the GPS, when I decided to test it, was fast and accurate. It has dual-band wifi.

Would I recommend it? Yes, but be careful with the screen. If you are in the US, be aware that it supports WCDMA at 850 and 2100 - so 3G doesn't work on all US networks.

13 Megapixel camera is good with some useful options. The voice activation isn't terribly happy with my voice - 'cheese' doesn't work at all and 'capture' not all the time - but then I don't intend to use it (was just checking it out) and it's far better than the lift

Happy to answer questions directly if I can