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    Having Issues with my LG3 PHONE

    Just got my LG 3 few months back and my battery will not last long at all---Its driving me nuts!!

    Brigitte Grisanti

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    You do not say how long your battery lasts, or how heavily you use the phone so it is difficult for anyone to comment. I have an LG G3 and I charge my battery every night - I'm happy with that. You can reduce the battery usage by disabling things you don't need. Swipe down from the top of the screen and disable things that consume power. Set brightness to auto.

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    If you are playing games, then they may be sucking battery in background. I have a spare battery and standalone charger, but I have only had to swap batteries three times in the two months I have had my G3. Far better than my old E890

    One thing to do is whenever you put your phone down, go to the app selection screen and click the right button which will bring up the "Clear All and Dual Window" screen.
    Hit clear all before putting the phone away. It will kill the battery hogging games.

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