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    Arrow Ebook Reader App

    What is a good ebook reader that does pdb mobi and pdf? And also syncs to the page left off at last?

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    These are best ebook reader apps.
    Aldiko Book Reader
    Cool Reader

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    well, I am not that much aware about the ebook reader apps as I already owns KindleFire and whenever I feel like reading books I use that anyway I have heard that there its app i.e. Kindle is available over the PlayStore. So, I would say you can try installing it and see if it ...

    Peter Carlos
    Rapidsoft Technologies

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    I am looking for a good app for these formats and EPUB as well.

    One thing I find is I end up with tons of duplicates as I import into my library, each app wants to store its own copy. This leaves copies everywhere, and naturally if I try to clean this up I end up with broken libraries. Is there any good reader app that does not copy my files?

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