Hi there,

I am using the Sony Xperia Z series of phones and have some problem with the bluetooth wonder if anyone can help.

I am using a Jabra Wireless handsfree set which can pair and connect to two devices simultaneously, that means I don't need to turn off one connection to enable the other, audio will get thru from one device and mute the other automatically, so that I can play mp3 on my tablet and incoming call from the phone will get thru' and mute the music, very few BT set can do that. I use 2 phones the Xperia Z/Z2 and the Asus Fonepad, both connected to the Jabra but some problem on the Xperia.

Sony installed some custom apps for audio and video playback, one such thing called the 'Throw' that determines which BT device to connect to, although my Jabra has already connected the 'Throw' will force it off and reconnect again and that maynot work. Usually the 'Throw' will take half minute or so to connect, during such time the audio will playback on the phone speaker, and some times even it is connected the sound is muted, nothing on both the phone speaker and the handsfree but the audio player keep running normally, and some times the 'Throw' will cause the audio player to lock up, reboot the phone may not help ! so the pain in the neck is the Throw but there is no way to disable it, call to Sony doesn't help either, coz I am not using their BT set ! any comment ?