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    Memory cards for tablets

    I use Asus fonepad7 (ME372CG) tablet. I need memory card to increase the capacity. This Q I've put to discuss what type of cards are best for my Asus tablet or any tablet in general.

    To know about different cards available, I surfed the net. The below mentioned sites were very helpful.

    memory cards 1

    memory cards 2

    I need 64 GB card.
    Class 10 card is the fastest among all the classes availalble. Above this, the UHS-1 makes it even faster.

    A few examples of these cards are:

    Strontium Nitro 566X 64GB MicroSDXC UHS-1 Memory Card with Adapter and Card Reader

    Transcend microSDXC UHS-I Premium 64GB Class 10 Memory Card

    One is Strotinum card & the other one is of Transcend. The former one is Nitro 566x & the later one Premium 300x. Here I would like to understand what's the difference between 566x & 300x & what's the significance of Nitro & Premium?

    While taking photos / HD Videos from the tablet, there shouldn't be any delay & the performance should be good. What I meant is: Suppose the memory card is slow in reading/writing. Then after I take a photo I need to wait for some time till it is stored in the card, then only I can take another photo. (That's what I feel) How will taking video be affected by the slow card! Say, I take video for 5 minutes. Will the video be smooth (or continuous) or will it pause regularly in those 5 minutes. So if I play the video, will it regularly pause & play in between (or in other words will there be a lag in the video)? (The quality of the photo/video obviously doesn't depend on the memory card)
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