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    Yellow triangle on boot up

    I tried rooting my Samsung Galaxy p7510. The result was a yellow triangle and the tablet only powers on and off but would not come completely on. I eventually played with it and erased the data and factory resetted it. Now it comes on, but that yellow triangle is still there on boot up. I just bought this tablet and want to send it back. How do I get rid of that triangle. I also bought triangle away but I cannot access it because it is saying the tablet is not rooted. Please help me out here. I have really messed things up and do not know what to do. This tablet was running on 3.0.1 I was able to upgrade it to 4.0.0 gingerbread but was trying to take it to 4.2.2 jelly bean.

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    Well, I would say you can fix this problem up by flashing stock ROM again over to your device, just make sure that you get the stock ROM for your device downloaded over the section once done save it over to a folder and try googling out for the latest version of ODIN download it run it as an administrator connect your device to the PC with the help of USB once the device connected you can flash the stock ROM over to your device and things will start running back to normal.

    PS: Before moving forward with the factory resetting process make sure that you have made a backup of your data as its going to wipe out the data stored over your device.

    Peter Carlos
    Rapidsoft Technologies

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    You can also try TriangleAway by Chainfire.

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    LEO Privacy Guard V 3.0 is the best to secure your devices. Have you tried it out yet?

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    let me try Leo privacy guard on my device, i need a good protection app for my folders

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