Hi all,

My name is Calvin. I'm an end user who never had an IT department at home. Home computing is more adventurous than work, at least when I'm behind the keyboard. I came here from the Linux forum. I'm learning Android much more easily than Linux.

I had four goals in buying my first tablet, which is also my first Android device: (a) learn touch screens, (b) figure out whether I could use a 7" screen, because phone screens give me eye strain in a few minutes, (c) learn Android, and (d) make my life more mobile. So far, so good.

I bought the cheapest tablet I could find in Columbus, Ohio. It's an RCA RCT6272W23. So far it works ok most of the time, which is enough for now. I bought a very cheap keyboard/case for it, which worked ok for a while. The failure may be in the adapter for USB to micro-USB. On to Radio Shack. I also need an adapter for the RCA for what I believe is called a mini-SD slot. Why not micro or full-size? That's probably involved with buying the cheapest unit in town.