Hello Folks.
my friend have an iPod touch that is corrupted and not worked very well. I don't know what is the main problem but he can't open some App like Viber and etc. I want to install Linux on it and I need your idea. Can you tell me How can I install iDroid on it step by step? I have not any Apple devices and I'm not a fan of it and so I'm a NonGeek, If I plug it to Linux can I create backup of Data on it? He has some Musics on it and we don't like to lost them. I guess that "gtkpod" is a good tool for it, Am I right?
I looked at "http://ipodlinux.sourceforge.net/installation.shtml" and found some useful command for create a backup of iOS :

# dd if=/dev/sda of=ipod_boot_sector_backup count=1
# dd if=/dev/sda1 of=ipod_os_partition_backup

Should you need to restore these backups for any reason simply use the following commands.

# dd if=ipod_boot_sector_backup of=/dev/sda
# dd if=ipod_os_partition_backup of=/dev/sda1

Is it OK?

If possible, Please guide me.