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    Ninja Climbing [Free Game]

    A fast paced climbing game with oriental theme - Ninja Climbing is the ultimate action experience!

    Take the role of the cuttest Ninja warrior that ever existed! The Mighty Tower awaits you. The higher you climb, the better the loot! Be careful though, the Tower is full of foes, who will try their best to make you fail.

    The controls are super-simple: tilt your device to steer the Ninja when he's jumping. Climb platforms, fight enemies, earn money and spend it on upgrades and boosters! How high can you reach?

    - casual, simple, but engaging gameplay
    - beautiful, cartoon-style graphics and animation
    - lots of weapons and armor upgrades
    - a lot of helpful boosters
    - amazing oriental-style music and sound effects
    - playable in almost any situation!

    Jump into ninja action right now and put your skills to the test!

    Google Play:

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    Nice and interesting game. I have just downloaded this game and played for five times. I really enjoyed this game. I must say this game will become popular.

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    Amazing and Interesting Game I am downloading it now.

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    wow its a nice game I got to say

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    Amazing!! Slicing all the enemies will make more enthusiastic!!!

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