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    Best VPN and Anti-Virus for Android Tablet

    I just got a new RCA 7 inch tablet and would like some recommendations on the best, either free or paid, VPN app. I would prefer the provider be a non U.S. ( non N.S.A.) country. Also a good anti-virus.
    Thank you. Michael

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    Well, I don't actually used VPN service most of the time but yes I have tried using some of them you can try using ShellFire, speed over the device is good and the best thing about it's if you opt for free version first 100MB daily is free... so if you are not really a die hard data consumer then you can try ...

    Peter Carlos
    Rapidsoft Technologies

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    I used a VPN for my android but it is actually paid you can go and watch it yourself : best vpn for android and Try Mcafee antivirus plus for your android it really works for android

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    Don't use a VPN myself , and you really don't need a antivirus with android , just slows it down.

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