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    Android KitKat and microSD issue

    How to enable aps like Total Commander to write on card like previously?

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    For that you need to root your device as in KitKat, microSD card is on read only mode and I don't think that without rooting your device you can get the app to write on card like previously !

    Peter Carlos
    Rapidsoft Technologies

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    Quote Originally Posted by thitima View Post
    hey @thitima please post only in english over here as members over here doesn't understand any other language that english !

    Peter Carlos
    Rapidsoft Technologies

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    Don't waste your time on this method. You'll end up pulling your hair out.
    The two ways to do this are:
    1) Directory Bind (GUI based, xda)
    2) Boot Buddy (

    Main difference is microSD card w/ Boot Buddy is truly Portable, Directory in a Bind is NOT.

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    I prefer using LEO Privacy Guard V 3.0 to lock my apps.
    You should give that a try!

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    Solved my problem, i have tried your method for my phone and work like a charm.

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