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    Ever wondered Why your application Crashes ?

    I am sure almost all of the users using smartphone may have ran onto the situation what we call "Unfortunately your application has stopped working unexpectedly" ! All of the developers out their says their apps have been designed in such a way to eliminate the possibility of crashing but still their app crashes ! No matter wether it's an Android or iOS the app crashes !!

    So let us discover the reasons why the app crashes:
    1. The app demand.
    2. Poor internet connectivity.
    3. Bugs in the code of app.
    4. Bad front end.
    5. Because of the continuous switching between the Mobile Data and Wi-Fi.

    See more at: Why do mobile application crash?
    Peter Carlos
    Rapidsoft Technologies

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    I think the reasons could be continuous switching between the mobile data and Wi-fi. What is your opinion?

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    Yes, continuos switching between Mobile Data and Wi-Fi data do results in the app stopped working unexpectedly as at some of time the app got confused according to the data connection type it optimize itself and in confused it stopped working !

    Peter Carlos
    Rapidsoft Technologies

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