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    New PROSCAN tablet user is having a hard time handling the EXPECTED features!

    I've painstakingly learned a few things already but have trouble doing the following:

    1. how to save a webpage in the internal space for later use?
    2. how to open in chrome a .pdf file already downloaded & saved?

    There're other confusing things around but the most intriguing one right now is "Is there a version of Firefox that works well with android?

    Thanks for any info on the above issues!

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    I do have a question also, Hmmm, do you really need to open the pdf file in chrome? don't you have an installed app that can read pdf files?

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    Thanks for replying, djnoslee!

    Not necessarily in Chrome because if all you want to do is reading the document it's the same whatever the app used. It would be a completely different situation if you want to edit or create a pdf document.

    The thing is that I was a little surprised to see that Chrome should open the file, according to a web page that stated so, but either I don't know how to use the browser or there's an error somewhere. Maybe a configuration thing... In any case, I'm inclined to believe that Chrome is able to open the document either by itself or by using other resources (maybe even from the cloud) and not that the site was citing info wrongly.

    I already downloaded an app for reading, editing and creating pdf files. Still, I'm curious to see if anytime soon I'm going to learn how to use Chrome well enough to make it open an arbitrary pdf file with ease.

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    Hmmm, ok, I got your point, hmmm, let me do some reasearch about this also.. It made me quite curious also..

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    I've a doubt about the meaning of the presentation of the main screen on the tablet, I can see an icon for Chrome and another for Navigator. Is there any diference if you choose one or the other?

    In any case, when browsing the web I'm used to opening extra tabs as I go until I finish the issue at hand. The idea being keeping it organized and at hand. With this browser I can get to an option of opening a link in an extra tab or another window but never get to see that 'new' tab. All these isues make me think of downloading, if possible, a tablet version of Firefox: is there any?

    Thanks for any advice on the previous isues!

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