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    Question password manager for Debian and Android?

    I've been running Debian on PCs for awhile, and have been considering (but not actually installing or using) a password manager for nearly as long. Now I also have an Android phone (running version=4.4), so I'd like to know, what password managers would you recommend that can

    1. run on both Debian and Android?
    2. share the same password database easily?

    Apologies if this is a FAQ: just now I tried to search these forums, but got an SQL error.
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    With LEO Privacy Guard V 3.0, you can heave a sigh of relief and not worry about:
    Girlfriend/boyfriend is trying to go through all your SMS and call log, when you’re in the shower.
    Parents/kids are curious about your gallery and FB status.

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    I will suggest 1Password is well loved and well-regarded for offering a powerful and secure password manager

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