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    I hope this's the correct place for asking about Firefox 27 with Flash plugin for Android...

    ...After looking for some days from the tablet (as a practice session) itself {Proscan) found the version of FF I was looking for. The day before I had downloaded the Flash plugin, but still not installed.

    When finally I was all set (FF & the plugin, both installed) I found that it crashed a few times. This was so distracting that I switched back to Chrome. Still, I would prefer to use FF instead.

    Is there any way to configure FF 27 to behave better? The tablet isn't always here because it's my sister's, but I'm the one that will teach her how to use it.

    PS. I was thinking of FF in order to use "Download Helper" for putting some files as I find them when browsing the web because my sister has no access to the web from her house but the extension, AFAIK, isn't available for android NOW. Was it available for version 27?

    Thanks to anybody with an useful reply!

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    Which Android version you are using in tablet?

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    Thanks for replying, nolofar_iqbal!

    I already uninstalled that old version of FF & installed the newest one. In any case, my Android OS version is 4.4.2, but I'm almost sure that the one that came with it at the beginning was 4.2.2 and I don't remember having seen it downloading an OS upgrade/update. Could that be possible? I mean, that Google upgrade the OS on his own?

    In any case, can I upgrade it on purppose (if my hardware supports it) via Google Play? Is it too risky?

    Thanks in advance for any info on the above issues!

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    You can change the settings of the upgrade so that when new update comes, system will ask you to update it or not, google OS has by default feature of auto update. and if your hardware support it, then you can upgrade via Google store, no risk will be there.

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    Thanks for replying, nilofar_iqbal!

    I thought that this thread was considered closed judging from my last post. Nonetheless, I lost interest in Firefox 27 already but, as a side commentary I wrote about the OS itself. I hope that your reply refers specifically to this and NOT to FF 27...

    Thanks in advance to any suggestions on the above!

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    My replay was for the OS of your device, not for the FF 27.

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