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    Mobile security

    The plethora of largely useless advice about Internet security is notable for a single, crucial exception. If you connect to the Internet using an M$ product, you WILL be tracked by criminals of every colour. M$ coded an NSA gateway into Windoze 95 and, given that Bill Gates' father was "ex"-CIA, has always been, not a security risk, but a security vulnerability.

    The one, simple, guaranteed solution to 99.9% of Internet security vulnerabilities is to throw out all M$ and proprietary software, install Linux, and only use Open Source Software.

    Child's play. But how many " professional" "security" sites and advisors state this? Answer: none. And the sheeple will never figure out why.

    Which is by way of posing a simple question:

    Does any mobile operating platform provide a RELIABLE switch for two guaranteed modes of operation: online or private?
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    I think no mobile operating platforms provide two guaranteed modes of operation.

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    Mobile security software solutions are rapidly gaining importance and is estimated to grow in the years to come. The enterprises allowing their employees to bring their mobile devices in the arena would face security challenges to protect their corporate data.

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    There are quite a lot of AV's etc for mobiles now , as well as Apps for things like remotely deleting a lost/stolen phone.

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