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    howto prepare audio album to be downloaded by android

    I'm trying to present multiple related files (an audio album) so that an Android user can download them all together. How can I do that? I already have each album in it's own folder, but the only way I have found to download them is one file at a time.

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    I'm thinking it probably would work if I had available a program (.apk) on the same device that would unzip the files, and then place the albums on their in a compressed format. For example, instead of painstakingly going through the entire book of John and downloading each chapter, One coud download the program and download a compressed archive, and decompress it. Or better, if there is a self extracting compressed format that android can live with - just use that. My problem is that I have used android very little. That's why I need your help.

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    My phone will download and read from a zip file - which would solve the problem, but it seems that other phones won't.

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    Which phone you are using?

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    I think that is only possible with .apk file, if you can create.apk file to do needful task, it can get a go.

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