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Thread: android bugs

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    android bugs

    I have a bug when typing. Should I accidentally press enter the when meaning to delete, it puts me on a new liline. When I press delete I remain on the new line now with a copy of the last word on the new line. Every time have deleted this second word it just reappears.

    Don't know if you noticed earlier in this post the word ' liline', this isn't a typo it's a second deleting bug, it just duplicated the first couple of letters and prepended them.

    How can I get this reported to Google.

    Any one got a fix for this

    I got a Sony experia e1 if that's an issue

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    Missed one, but this could be yahoo cos that's the only site which it happens.
    When entering text in a multi paragraph box like this one. All ok if my phone is in portrait. In landscape I'm typing blind because there's no space Even though other apps manage. It types backwards the character order is ok, but the word order is reversed.
    this. like Just

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    The bug tracker for android is here:


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