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    Nexux 7 charging slowly and heating up

    Recently I have been getting a slow charging rate for my Nexus 7 (second generation). My charging status shows that from 80% it would charge to 100% in 4 hours. This doesn't seem normal since it would've charged to 100% from that point in about 10 minutes before. The back of the device also starts to heat up when it has been on the charger for a while. Before somebody asks the questions, I have researched the common solutions to these and even went as far as trying them. I have restarted the device, cleared the cache, and uninstalled some apps that could be running in the background. The device is also being charged with the same power brick for the wall, and USB cable that came with the device. I have tried different USB cables to see if the cable was the culprit but it didn't change anything. What is going on with my device. and why is it taking so long to charge and why is it heating up.

    I just timed it and it goes up 1% every 14 minutes, it's also not heating up anymore so I guess that was due to the updating it was doing earlier.
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