“Kids Math” is a Smartphone application intended for helping in kids learning to know, write and add up numbers in a fascinating way. Its three main instructive stages of park, forest and zoo provides a child with know-how of writing numerals, shapes and how to draw them, and recognizing and counting animals. Every segment also tests knowledge of toddler with Quiz.

Some of the unique features of this informative mobile phone game are:
• Supreme user interface with high quality graphics
• High quality display of characters to educate a child maths
• Rhythmic phonetics of all objects describing themselves
• Easily understandable delivery of important information to kids

Main Categories
1. Numbering Lessons in Park
The very first phase in this kids learning station is a Park in which youngsters come to know about digits from 1 to 10 and how to note them down and a testing experience for children.

2. Math lectures in Forest
The second learning step in this free kids learning game is that of a Forest where a child learns about diverse types of geometric shapes, drawing them and a Quiz on these learning.

3. Counting session in the Zoo
Third and final stage in this kids learning game is to teach young one on how to count animals and asking questions on given instructions.

If you are searching for Math Games for Kids, then download “Kids Math” now in order to give your developing kid an early taste of basics of mathematics.