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    Android Advantages

    Hi there, I am new to this android field. Can anyone tell me the features of android OS.


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    The advantages of Android over other OS are :-

    1)Opensource framework:-Since Android OS is open source and it is part of the Open Handset Alliance, most of the leading handset manufacturers in the world have Android phones.

    2)Uses of tools are very simple.

    3)Availability of Apps:-majority of the apps in Google Play are free as compared to the paid apps on iPhone.

    4)Inbuilt support for the Flash.

    5)Great social networking integration

    6)Integrated Applications & Features:- Eg:Android allows an option to share, after taking a photo with the Camera.

    7)Free to customizes:-You can customize widgets as you wish to.

    8)Better Notification System(comprises emails, updates from various widgets.)

    9)Updated user interface design

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    The Removable battery and SD card is the best Advantages of an android device.

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    But nowadays, there are many new launched androids that comes with in-build memory & irremovable battery. Android phones are very user friendly!!

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