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    Thumbs up Emergency help for Booting Android Device.

    Hello Expert.
    I have a Lenovo S8 50LC and when I updated it my device is damaged and I can't use it.I want to Flash it but I have some problems.

    1- USB Debugging Mode not enabled and I can't enable it because of Android not Worked.
    2- When I copy Firmware into SD Card and use Recovery mode to update, It show me :

    E:end of footer from /tmp/sideload/ not 0xFFFF (file exist)
    E:signature verification failed.
    installation failed.

    3- I can't use "fastboot" and "adb" command because of Linux can't see my device :

    $ fastboot devices

    $sudo adb devices
    List of devices attached

    How can I fix my problem?

    Thank you.

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    Maybe you shall ask Lenovo QA/FAE for help, since different product owns different upgrade mechanism and unlock(secure boot) steps.

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