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    Is 128 GB internal memory on phone of much use?

    Asus has launched zenfone 2 with different internal memories: 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB. What I want to know is whether 128 GB internal memory is really of much use or it's not much required! I'm using Asus fonepad 7 (8 GB internal memrory) & laptop (128 GB internal space) & in both devices, I run short of space very frequently. So, regulary I've to back up my data to external HDD so as to create space in the devices. That's perfectly fine for me.
    Hence I would to know does it really benefit going for 128 GB or it's just not that required as I can create more space on my smart phone by simply transferring the content on external HDD?
    Also, I would like to add that I've confidential multimedia files that I need to back up regularly on HDDs. I prefer deleting them from my phone. These are the files that will consume space on my phone.

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    I think 64 GB is enough unless you want to put many movies or apps on your Asus device.

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