This is about my HTC One M7 purchased unlocked running with a Red Pocket sim. The backstory is that the previous system update caused me considerable problems mainly mobile data would turn on without my input after the update and I developed a distinct distaste for the notification bannesr plastered in the middle of the screen which you could not opt out of. So I resolved not to immediately accept future system upgrades.

A week or so ago another upgrade was pushed and I searched for a way to block the notifications without any success other than rooting the phone. The notices would come frequently and the dialog where you can choose to not be notified for up to four hours didn't seem to have any effect, for what that's worth. I tried starting the download then canceling, but that didn't work either but it did slow them down a bit. Yesterday I downloaded the update and changed it's name and told the program to remind me to install the upgrade later, four hours later. Its been about 24 hours now and they haven't bothered me again. Maybe they took the weekend off?

I don't know, of course, whether my actions have affected this or whether they just finally took the hint. Eventually, after I find out what nasty surprises this upgrade is pushing, if any, I'll delete the renamed upgrade file and download it again; hopefully the new file will have been modified based on their engineers having responded to customer's complaints about bugs.

I hope this helps anyone struggling with this same issue.

Thanks for any feedback.