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    Have lost audio on Chrome browser after the last two updates

    Relevant info of my system:

    Google Chrome 43.0.2357.92 (Build oficial) (32 bits)
    Revisión 01ce6ed10ff01f9edf337c5088ed3850b51bac97-refs/branch-heads/2357_78@{#3}
    SO Android 4.4.2; PLT7100G Build/KOT49H
    Blink 537.36 (@196332)
    JavaScript V8
    User agent Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 4.4.2; PLT7100G Build/KOT49H) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/43.0.2357.92 Safari/537.36

    My device is a Proscan Android 4.2 tablet.

    Immediately after the first of the last two updates problems arrived. I always use several tabs at any given time; invariably, I always hear the streaming from WQXR. Normally, I could move from tab to tab without any problem. I even could go to another app without loosing the audio. After these updates the audio icon for the speaker started to appear at the upper-left corner on the screen but if I move to another tab and click on something the audio stops. If I open another app audio stops immediately.

    I also lost the oldest part of my navigation history after the first of the last updates. Some of the lost links started to appear a few days after and at the wrong dates. Somewhere in the web I read that by deleting the Stored Data & the Cache some problems tend to be solved: I did it. The result was that I lost stored passwords and other useful data without solving anything.

    Is there something that I can do to solve this issue? I've searched on the Configuration section of Chrome AWA in the Android Configuration but there isn't any solution to be found on those.

    I don't remember where I read something about entering Chrome's configuration page itself (not the one you normally get by way of selecting the three dots button at the top) and I made a pair of changes there that seemed not to become anysignificant. This had no effect on the issue & now I don't remember how I got inside this page because it was not saved as part of my history even though after entering there it appeared that it was going to be saved, hum...

    Anything in mind? Can an installed update be uninstalled?

    Thanks in advance for any info on the above issues!

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    It's strange that after 175 people have seen this thread less than 0.6% has something to say. This's the second forum where I've asked the same question, also the second one without any inputs on it...

    Is this forum dead on its tracks?

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    If you want to view and adjust these settings, type chrome://flags or about:flags into Chrome’s address bar and press Enter.

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    I Know this but what up there should I change?

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    if you unable to do this then just uninstall the update and check problem solve or not , if problem solve then again go for update , or just go the setting your android phone there is option may be app or application select Chrome and clear the App data .

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    If you wanted to install Chrome as Android Apk

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    You should be able to uninstall any updates via the Play store. It's possible your current issue is related to this bug:


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    Thanks for replying, appsapkapp & jeremy!

    I'm nor completely sure I understood fully your post, appsapkapp... I'm almost sure I saw once at a screen concerning an app (don't remember which), where you can stop completely, disable, delete the data or cache or uninstall it, an option to uninstall an update. I don't know if you can go backward enough to reach the second one on this series. I'll try this later on.

    I found interesting one of the links found at the link you provided, jeremy:

    My problem with the info there is that I have no idea as to how to implement that "apparent" fix. Could you explain it further?

    Thanks to both of you guys!

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    After clicking at the button for uninstalling an update it said that all updates were about to be gone, nevertheless I accepted this and went on. Apparently, not just the last update was blown out but all that were ever downloaded including the navigation history as well as the identifying info for every site (passwords and login ids). In relation to the extra info gone there was not a single word of caution.

    The problem at the end persisted. Now, I've noticed some icons that automatically appear on the left-upper corner as soon as I turn the device on (some in relation to facebook others are google related); I don't think I've done something myself for them to appear there and don't know how to terminate/delete/stop them.

    Even worst, the rotation capabilities of the tablet apps is wrong. I'll explain this as follows: if the chrome browser is active I can't rotate the tablet and have the screen rotate accordingly but if it's a game (Mahjong solitaire or Solitare) the screen behaves normally.

    The above issue might seem superfluous but if you consider that the 1/5 of the left of it is not functioning and that most apps use that area for buttons (some crucial commands or options) it, in effect, renders the app as unusable. Take as an example an app for finding/viewing videos, ViewBox maybe, that might bring a list of videos available in chronological order and you're supposed to go for the next one which happens to be at that spot, it becomes unreachable and you loose the sequence...

    Is there anything that I can do to fix this? Is there a way of accessing the Command line window within android?

    Thanks in advance for any info concerning the above issues!

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    NOW, the audio capabilities from Chrome have been lost completely. Even the camera icon for taking photos/videos aren't found nowhere.

    Is there something I can do to start the camera function? What about the audio from Chrome?


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