I really don't rate it, but can no longer get a refund.
It turns out that Sony are running a heavily modified android, of which Google has washed it's hands. Quite rightly so.
This is the issue, they won't fix any bugs. I'm 100% upto date, each update basically being prettier than the last but still as buggy if not more so.

1) when typing in landscape. On not all text entry boxes, but some. The words come out spelled as typed, but the word order is backwards

2) dialogue boxes with a check box of 'never show this dialogue again', this check box is ignored. The dialogue box always appears.

3) when deleting text. If the last key pressed was enter (new line) the last word of the previous line appears. I delete it when it's gone the cursor position moves to the begining of the last word on the previous line.

What's your experience?
Have I got faulty hardware?