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    How do I put my mp3's into Galaxy s6 Active from my Debian Linux machine?

    Debian 8 Jessie w/ KDE
    Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

    When I connect the phone to computer via USB port, Its comes up as Media Device (MTP) on phone. On my computer, I can browsed the files on the phone with Dolphin file manager. But when I right-click and copy and try to paste into the Music file on phone, the Paste is grayed out and it will not allow me to paste. Probably some permissions issue. If I can't simply put music on my phone this way, then how do I do it?

    Thank you.

    Edit: Couldnt find a way so my coworker did it on her Mac with Android transfer software.
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    Kde connect is good for file transfer if you use Kde. Install the app on your phone and then do
    sudo apt-get install kdeconnect
    to get the debian half. Then connect the two through the app. You then right click a file and click send to 'phone's name'. You could've also tried using juice ssh to scp the file to your phone.

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