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    memory leak on Android phone

    is it possible to determine whether or not a specific app, user or system, is either leaking memory or not letting go? I'm currently rooted and am using CoolTool to stats, where one of them is free memory. After a fresh cold reboot, my free memory floats just a little over 300MB. Usually when I use an app that number drops below 300MB and always climbs back above after I close the app. Not exactly sure what it is yet, but sometimes that number keeps decreasing and decreasing until the phone is unusable. I'll kill all the running apps and that brings all the memory back temporarily. Less than two minutes later it would drop all the way back down to below 285MB free. Something is definitely grabbing the memory and not being caring by releasing. If I reboot, everything is back to normal. Any suggestions?

    The most apparent time when the memory leak occurs is after using Google Maps or Endomondo. I'm not sure if it's the app themselves or if it's the Android OS and GPS as both those apps use GPS heavily. I've even used Google Maps after a fresh reboot to navigate me while driving for about an hour. After the navigation the device was sluggish with free RAM under 250MB. Force stopping Google Maps didn't bring the RAM back to normal or the system... Same with Endomondo as I used it yesterday to track my bike ride... had to reboot to get the system to a usable state.

    The OS I'm using is 4.4.2 stock Touchwiz for a Samsung Galaxy S5.

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    Maybe it is system caching that is using your memory.

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    I was hoping it would just be system caching, but following what was mentioned in that link provided what I noticed is as soon as I clear the cache my free memory jumps in excess of 400MB. Nice... except seconds later it drops all the way back down to under 250MB, the number I started with before clearing!!

    I believe any time I have GPS activated this memory leak, or whatever you want to call it, begins!

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    LEO Privacy Guard Version 3.0 is the best to secure your devices. Have you tried it out yet?

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