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    need a database app to iether run a DOS prog, or import csv data from one

    I have an old DOS PIM that I have been using for 20 plus years. I need to get that information on my telephone. In a form that lets me see it with each separate entry all together (about 20 fields of Data in each). And that lets me search in any of several fields.

    If I can run DOS in an emulator under Android, that might do. I have tried Dosbox, and it worked but badly. Under Linux I am using Dosemu, and it works fine, but I don't see a version of it for Android.

    Another (probably better) answer would be if you might recommend an Android app that will accept a rather large (2.5MB) csv file, and either pre-label its fields from the first line of the CSV, or allow me to set up the fields.

    Any recommendations? I am completely new to Android.

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