I'm hoping to find a tech or tech savvy folks to help me out with my phone. Individuals who are familiar with and have experience with first gen Galaxy S phones. I realize this is a "Android" forum, but I was hoping someone could help. I have a Korean Galaxy S model shw-m110s running FroYo 2.2. This phone HAS FM capability. It has a retractable antenna just for TV/FM reception. I've D/l and installed "galaxy-s-radio-widget" and it reports "FM Radio is not turned on". I've been all over the web and have posted to far too many forums and have yet to receive an answer. This seems to be a good phone albeit a bit aged, but I'm sure it's worth keeping and would love to get some of the issues it has rectified. I'm hoping someone here has the know-how and is willing top help out.
Thank You: